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March Meeting Bound

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to the March Meeting I go. To run and play, and talk all day, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho. Talks I will most likely be attending: these. Food I will be seeking out this. Exciting physics works I will be on the outlook for: here

Hurray! My letter to Physics Today along with a delightful response from N. David Mermin has been published. I particularly enjoyed Mermin’s closing line: It may be quixotic (but certainly not Qxotic) to try to correct the spelling of an entire community, but I owe it my best shot. What else is retirement good for?…

A day in the life of a traveler. For your amusement?

Twins in Donut Space

Visiting Princeton, the American home to Albert Einstein, I’m reminded of one of my favorite “paradoxes” of special relativity. And, even more so, one of my favorite versions of this paradox which, when I first heard it, it blew my mind. What paradox is this of which I speak? The twin paradox of course! Really…

This Side of Paradise

Visiting the Princeton Center for Theoretical Physics. Talk Wednesday morning (slides posted later.) The car driver claimed to have taken Alicia Lopez-Harrison de Larde to the airport last week. Update 3/5/08: Talk is now posted here.

Over at Information Processing, the InfoProcessor talks about teaching Bell’s theorem: I find that the hardest thing about teaching this material in class is that, after half a year of training students’ brains to think quantum mechanically, it is extremely difficult to get them to feel the weirdness of Bell’s theorem and spooky action. It…

The Same Title?

On the arxiv Friday: arXiv:0802.4248 Title: Coexistence of qubit effects Authors: Peter Stano, Daniel Reitzner, Teiko Heinosaari Comments: A paper with identical title is being published on the arXiv simultaneously by Paul Busch and Heinz-Jurgen Schmidt. These authors solve the same problem independently with a different method. and arXiv:0802.4167 Title: Coexistence of qubit effects Authors:…

You Versus the Chimp

And they says humans are the smart ones: