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One year ago:
Today: still playing on the floor with the kiddies and loving it!


  1. #1 Bilal
    April 16, 2008

    Adorable! 🙂

  2. #2 Sydney
    April 16, 2008

    You need an “Ask the Smart Guy” link.
    Since I’m getting my pink slip tomorrow, I have no gray matter left to figure out why I can’t do Algebra. I mean really, it’s only been 22 years since I took Algebra myself. You’d think I would remember…
    Please Help!
    2a+7 over 8a squared -2a-1 Plus a-4 over 2a squared +5a-3 is equal to 4a-1 over 4a squared + 13a +3.
    Oh yah, Cute Picture and happy anniversary!

  3. #3 JM Geremia
    April 17, 2008

    Nothing quite like being at home in one’s element. 🙂 Happy anniversary Dave and Lisa!

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