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Collaborative Wikis and Research

Over at Machine Learning (Theory), the Learner points to a Scientific American article on Science 2.0 which discusses various efforts in bringing scientists into the 21st century, and scientists reluctance to openly discuss their research in progress in public forums. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I started blogging about my own research. First…


Friday I gave out a survey in the course I’m teaching this quarter asking for feedback. Among the many helpful responses, was one, which pointed out that I say “so” a lot. Now, I know that when I write I use “now” a lot, but I really hadn’t noticed how much I say “so.” In…

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure

We’ve seen these demos before, but Johnny Lee’s TED talk still wows: Not only does it seem that interfaces are undergoing some radical redesigning right now, but also methods to take existing “cheap” products and leverage them into something which would normally cost a lot more, seems to be catching on.

Slide Slide Slide Slide!

I sure wish I could get my dog to do this so that I wouldn’t have to exercise her:

Baseball Season Has Begun

You know you are spoiled when the place to put your beer is the top of the dugout: So close, the kid next to me waved at Ichiro as he returned to dugout and Ichiro waved back. Oh, and the guy with the two foot tall Ichiro bobble head doll was kind of scary.

Bowling and Taking Shots for Science

David Baltimore and Ahmed Zewail, both Nobel dudes, have an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about the presidential candidates choosing not to participate in a debate over science and technology policy: All three candidates declined. Apparently the top contenders for our nation’s highest elective office have better things to do than explain to the…

Word of the Day

A word I accidentally mumbled in class: “crudimentary.” I think it means both rudimentary and crude. Anyway, I like it, and am going to try to start weaseling it into as many talks as I possibly can. Speaking of which, here are slides for a guest lecture I gave to the local alternative models of…

Play, Play, Play, Play, Play

One year ago: Today: still playing on the floor with the kiddies and loving it!

It was an unassuming blue-grey volume tucked away in the popular science section of the Siskiyou County Library. “Spacetime Physics” it announced proudly in gold letters across the front of the book. Published in 1965, the book looked as if it hadn’t been touched in the decades since 1965. A quick opening of the book…

ArXiv on Your iPhone

For those interested in accessing the arXiv on your iPhone, here is a web based iPhone page: Sweet! This has been on my list of things to do, and now I can cross it off without having to do it myself!