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John Archibald Wheeler (1911-2008)

I just learned the very sad news that John A. Wheeler has passed away. Wheeler was one of my heroes and inspired me in many ways to be where I am today. I’m buried under a heap of work today, but will write more when I can come up for air. Below I’ve pasted a…

CSE 322 Week 2: Nondeterminism Rocks

Last week, in the class I’m teaching, we talked about the basics of deterministic finite automata. In week two we moved on to more interesting and slightly less basic material. In particular we introduced the notion of a nondeterministic finite automata and, by the end of the week, had showed that the class of languages…

Rube Goldberg Advertising

It may take a second to load, but this webpage is pretty darn over the top.

Makin’ Bacon

Come on, you know you want to watch it, “How It’s Made: Bacon”: That’s some awesome background music, I must say. Good to know they check for pieces of metal which might have fallen onto the pork bellies.

The ads on scienceblogs today lead me to find out that, apparently, I can buy a quantum computer right here from Seattle based REI: And only $70 bucks! Jeez, those D-wave investors overpaid. I wonder how you use it to factor? But the number in the bag and wait?

Nunchuck Demo

I’m not sure what this is good for, and yet I found it amazingly responsive:

Whatever you do, Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Mary America, make sure to tell everyone you know not to go into science and engineering! You see those who major in science and engineering are certain to not get jobs, because, as many commenters love to point out, all those jobs are being exported overseas! But…

Factoid of the Day

Who knew: Jello is best paired with Moscato D’asti.

Monte Hall and Cognitive Dissonance

Did the Monte Hall problem, trip up a huge number of psychologists? So claims this New York Times article. For a good detailed explanation see here. For even more detail see the actual paper.

Quake3 on iTouch

One of the reasons I signed up to develop for the iPhone: Accelerometers are so cool. And I don’t just say that because I’m a physicist.