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This spring/summer has been particularly cloudy in the northwest. But today it is sunny and looks to get to the pleasant high 70s. This, obviously, is due entirely to the fact that Bill Gates controls the weather and today is his last day at Microsoft. Seattle is of course, introspective on the man who certainly…

Pseudo Open Notebook Science?

A topic of much discussion I see in the Science 2.0 world (it’s like the Renaissance, but with more Javascript!) is the idea of Open Notebook Science. In one version of Open Notebook Science, one simply opens up ones research notebook (or other equivalent) to outside access. For an example see Garrett Lisi’s research wiki.…

TiddlyWiki for Technical Talks?

One of the most interesting talks that many of us in the quantum computing world have seen is the talk by Manny Knill on fault-tolerant quantum computing. Above and beyond the interesting content, what was cool about this talk was that, as far as I could tell Knill used a linked PDF for the talk.…

Leaving Academia: Cry or Celebrate?

No, no, I’m not leaving academia (yet 🙂 Pfffffft! That’s the sound of me thumbing my nose at the world.) But recently I was thinking about about people who get a Ph.D. in, say, physics, or are a new postdoc, and then are faced with what to do next. As Peter Rhode, writes in a…

Black Hole Bets Of a Different Kind

So you really think the LHC is going to swallow up the Earth by creating a black hole or a quacking duck with X-ray super powers? Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Not to be confused with other famous black hole bets.

Tiddlying My Life Away

I’m always behind the times. I just discovered Tiddlywiki and I love it!


The first edition of the newly revamped Communications of the ACM is out. And I must say, so far I’m greatly impressed. First of all it seems that they’ve gotten rid of the absolutely horrible front pages for all articles that were (a) ugly (I’m not a font nazi, but sheesh that font choice was…

Pascal’s Economics

Pascal’s Wager is a classic for those who want to argue about the existence of God, but now, according to Peter L. Bernstein, of the New York Times, we should be using it for financial risk calculations. Say what?

Mario Theme….with an RC Car?

Real? I always wanted to design bumps in the road so that vibrations in your car would say something when you went over them…

Blak Holz Eatn My Worlsd! Update

rpenner passes on some of the latest news on the black hole lawsuit against the LHC: Update: The trial has been scheduled for June 2009…. and Update: LHC Saftey Assessment Group releases two papers. Update 6/23: Oh noes! The Optimizer wants to kill us all!