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WTFA to LOLCAT Conversion

What I drew on the whiteboard during today’s final:


  1. #1 Domenic Denicola
    June 9, 2008

    It just occurred to me how cool it would be if TFA stood for transfinite automaton.

  2. #2 Matt Platte
    June 9, 2008

    Vintage Calvin — you’ve been practising!

  3. #3 Ralph Hartley
    June 10, 2008

    I noticed that “wtfa lolcat soda” is a google golf hit. It returns exactly one result.

    Or at least it was, until I usied the word “soda” here.

  4. #4 themadlolscientist
    June 10, 2008

    WTF is a WTFA?

    [a] When Things Fall Apart
    [b] a radio/TV station
    [c] Wild Tiger Fund, Australia
    [d] What the F***, @$$****?
    [e] other (specify)

  5. #5 Dave Bacon
    June 10, 2008

    WTFA is next in the sequence,
    DFA, NFA, ….

    WTF Automaton.

  6. #6 themadlolscientist
    June 11, 2008

    Google search results:


    �K*�Trimble Reference Station 1.04 Serial number: 47296091��F��F � …
    File Format: Unrecognized – View as HTML
    8╝┐ *G *╨A< *╤>3\O├sA@⌐>╡hA�I┴─&G *╨#Σ*░*≡*AYuA≥wTfA,**E&G *╨*∞**├σ⌠�*wA╠V┐N┴▌CU┼&G ╨*-. r3*╚▓. vA�╣@OA! …


    1=4 2=12632256 4=;18 5=Arial;18 0=AFDIDCSA~VgmegYg}HIW doj. IojO …
    (tC`t $ve|Iu Nfa mRc sd svZ uws lk Pqt \k vm Zhbu ]yl{ Fh }_mJ ^v` Tn|Yr ….. A~] uq Jvd]_ ~s oVlcq iZmuu $nc tubod ubf_\| Kva sa|tq h[P|@Z @wtFA ijlO]i . …


    Sure – now I get it! 🙂

  7. #7 Nathan
    June 17, 2008

    Come on people, is this your first day on the internet?

    What the **** Aardvark… duh!

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