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The Smell of Bacon in the Morning

Me, personally, I wake to the smell of Bacon every morning. But others may need help. Here it is: the Wakin’ with Bacon alarm clock.

Say it ain’t so Hasbro, say it aint so. From an NPR story on a makeover of the game “Clue”: The characters have changed, too. Miss Scarlet has a first name: Cassandra. Colonel Mustard left the military; he’s a former football star. Victor Plum, formerly the professor who was always known as the smartest man…

Watching BioBarCamp From Afar

Over at Science in the open, the the ScienceOpener (Cameron Neylon) is attending BioBarCamp. Now, IANAB (that stands for “I am not a stamp collector” 🙂 ) but there are a ton of cool talks at BioBarCamp: many on open science / social media / science 2.0 etc (for which biologists are kicking everyone’s rear…

Summer school in November, Quantum crypto is to legit to quit, quantum Pagerank, and no prayer in quantum prayer.

Action Dog to the Rescue

No fun must go on without the dogs participation, of course:

Hot off the presses! In an amazing breakthrough, which this press release has no room to describe in any real detail, scientists at research university BigU have made tremendous progress in the field of quantum computing. The results mean that quantum computers are one step closer to replacing your laptop computer

A very cool discovery out of Caltech: auditory synesthesia. Synesthesia, you probably know, is an effect wherein the stimulation of one sense causes automatic sensations in another sense. For example, grapheme-color synesthesia is where numbers or letters appear to those observing to be shaded or tinged with different colors. Now two researchers at Caltech, Melissa…


Physics and Physicists points to an article: “The Einstein formula: E_0=mc^2 ‘Isn’t the Lord laughing?’” by L.B. Okun on confusion about Einstein’s famous mass and energy formula. Abstract:The article traces the way Einstein formulated the relation between energy and mass in his work from 1905 to 1955. Einstein emphasized quite often that the mass $m$…

A Dog’s View

Surveying the queen’s domain:

SciRate Papers 7/25 to 8/1

Summary of what’s new and happening on the arXivs according to voters on SciRate.