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Quantum Rugby

A quantum physics spotting in….rugby? An article about rugby player Jonny Wilkinson: The experiment was conceived by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödin-ger to demonstrate a conundrum at the heart of quantum physics: that a sub-atomic particle exists in two states. However, the act of measuring it effectively forces it into one particular state, rather as…

Quantum Postdocs

Two quantum postdoc advertisements crossed my desk this week, from two fine institutions. Good postdocs if you can land one! The first advertisement is a double wammy from Caltech CENTER FOR THE PHYSICS OF INFORMATION CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Postdoctoral Research Positions The Center for the Physics of Information at the California Institute of Technology…

The New York Times has an article about Chongo Chuck. Chongo is a legendary homeless rock climber who lived in Yosemite for years. He is also the author of The Homeless Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Anyone ever seen a copy?

DARPA Math Challenge

DARPA math challenges. My favorite is “Mathematical Challenge Nineteen: Settle the Riemann Hypothesis.” I’m guess that’s one where you can’t follow the age old strategy of writing a grant proposal for work you’ve already figured out 😉

Analyzing Games

Yes, it’s all finance all the time, here at the Pontiff. Where else can you go to get your daily dose of extralusionary intelligence? Once again it’s a New York Times article Maybe Short-Selling Isn’t So Bad, After All. Now I don’t know much about how the changes in shorting stock (the removal of the…

Picking on the Quantum Physicists

From this Sunday’s New York Times in an article entitled Wall Street, R.I.P.: In search of ever-higher returns — and larger yachts, faster cars and pricier art collections for their top executives — Wall Street firms bulked up their trading desks and hired pointy-headed quantum physicists to develop foolproof programs. Quantum physicists? Come on media…

Burning Out His Fuse Up Here Alone

I’m not the man they think I am at home Oh no no no I’m a rocket man

New Word for Friday

The prime number theorem is a statement of a quantuplicity: there are about N/log N prime numbers in the first N numbers. quantuplicity noun. The quantitative relationship between two amounts. Usually referring specifically to the case when this is expressed as a ratio giving the number of times that one contains another (or vice versa.)…

Mattress Money

There are many things I do not understand in the wide world of finance, but the one which perplexes me the most is why people believe that their money is safe under their mattress.

Reminder that Sandra, Maria, Grrl, and I will be Ozzies this Saturday. Translation: beer! That’s Saturday, Sept. 27th at 4 pm in the upstairs mezzanine at Ozzie’s. The address is 105 W. Mercer St., Seattle, WA 98119. That’s in lower Queen Anne just east west of that gigantic need with a spaceship stuck on top…