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Seattle Scienceblogs Million Comment Party

Scienceblogs has now passed its millionth comment! In celebration many of us are having our own local Scienceblogs million comment parties. See here for your local party.

What does all that boring writing mean in the last paragraph? No need to read it. Just read this one if you’re going to be in Seattle at the end of September:

Join Sandra Porter, Maria Brumm, (hopefully) GrrlScientist, and myself for our millionth comment shin dig at Ozzie’s in lower Queen Anne (105 W Mercer St.) That’s right: beer, beer beer! At 4pm on September 27th. Considering the themes of three of four of the blogs, this will sure shape up to be an epic showdown between rock, physics, and biology. Or at least a good excuse for a party (by the way what is the natural ordering on rock, physics, and biology? Who beats who?) If you can make it drop a note in the comment section so we can get a guesstimate on the number of people attending.


  1. #1 "GrrlScientist"
    September 16, 2008

    the plane ticket has been purchased, so i will definitely be there!

  2. #2 DrugMonkey
    September 16, 2008

    physics blows up rock, biology is more relevant to people than physics, rock crushes life out of biology

  3. #3 Sandra Porter
    September 16, 2008

    C’mon DM, microbes eat rock!

  4. #4 John Sidles
    September 22, 2008

    If engineers and/or Irish are allowed, I’ll show up!

  5. #5 Dave Bacon
    September 25, 2008

    Both engineers and Irish are allowed. Those engineering irishness, however, will be banned.

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