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War is a classic kids card game. I spent many an hour wiling away the time playing war growing up. Enough so that I actually developed a strategy for the game. A strategy for the game of war? That’s crazy talk.

LHC Ad: Beware Bears

You may have noticed an ad running on scienceblogs which says “Has the LHC destoyed the Earth?” If you click on it you find a webpage that says in big letters simply “NO”. What’s up with that? Check out the webpage source for the page ( Update 9/12/08: Check out the comments for more fun…

The Suantum of Quolace

Proposed theme song for “The Quantum of Solace”:

Robert Clark new chief defence scientist for Australian DSTO, Florida quantum computing conference, standard model quantum computing, and Ray Laflamme is Royal in Canada.

Google Polarizes America?

The techno wonder pundits say that the internet revolutionizes democracy by leveling the playing field (everyone can be an ass online, oh yeah!) But what I find more fascinating about the internet and politics is the role that search plays in polarizing politics. I mean, sure there are dissenting voices all over the internet, but…

The Looming Danger

The physics blogosphere is abuzz about the start up of the large hadron collider. There is a hole in Texas which is very jealous. And of course, everyone is happy that the Earth was not destroyed or a bubble universe wasn’t created.

Weather Politics

The lore I heard when I lived in New Mexico was that the reason Gore won the state in 2000 was that there was a snowstorm in the southern part of the state (which is more conservative.) In 2004 there was no snowstorm in the state, and the state went to Bush. If you could…

An Ad About Nothing

I propose that a good investment would be to short Bill Gates’ evil rating:

Want Fame? Be a First Mover

Is fame and fortune what you seek (or at least fame)? Be a first mover, according to a new paper, arXiv:0809.0522 The first-mover advantage in scientific publication Authors: M. E. J. Newman Mathematical models of the scientific citation process predict a strong “first-mover” effect under which the first papers in a field will, essentially regardless…

Got NSF?

I really need to create a category for blog posts for things which Google’s products do which amuse me. Today in reading an email about the National Science Foundation: Many a faculty member’s got NSF, I guess, and are damn sick or writing grants to continue having NSF.