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Original McEliece Cracked

Shor’s algorithm is an algorithm for quantum computers which allows for efficiently factoring of numbers. This in turn allows Shor’s algorithm to break the RSA public key cryptosystem. Further variations on Shor’s algorithm break a plethora of other public key cryptosystems, including those based on elliptic curves. The McEliece cryptosystem is one of the few…

Villa Sophia Cab 2008: The Beginnings

This weekend the grapes for my second “real” batch of wine were delivered to Mountain Homebrew and Wine Supply. Last years vintage, Villa Sophia “La Gruccia” was a success in that it didn’t turn to vinegar and that over time it is definitely mellowing out, but I wouldn’t say it was a fantastic wine. This…

Visiting Stanford and Cal

I’ve spent the last two days in the San Francisco bay area visiting first Stanford and then Berkeley.

Hippy Pontiff

Turn your face into a name (via torque). The “quantum pontiff” apparently has long hair:

Bruce Schneier has a commentary up at Wired about quantum cryptography. There are a lot of good points about the article, but it left me kind of scratching my head. As far as I can tell Bruce Schneier believes that you should not worry about any cryptographic system currently in use ever being broken. I…

Quantum Algorithms Zoo

Stephen Jordan, now a postdoc at Caltech, has produced a useful little guide to quantum algorithms: a zoo of quantum algorithms. Help squash the myth that all there is to quantum algorithms are the algorithms of Shor and Grover!

Majority Gate Reality

The universe doesn’t always operate the way we want it to. No, I’m not talking about the stock market (unless you’ve been short lately), I’m talking about the role of error in logical deterministic systems! When you zoom down far enough into any computing device you’ll see that its constituent components don’t behave in a…

Krugman on Krugman

A very good essay Paul Krugman wrote on his method of doing research. Some good gems in there for researchers of all fields. The injunction to dare to be silly is not a license to be undisciplined. In fact, doing really innovative theory requires much more intellectual discipline than working in a well-established literature. What…

Ski Season Begins

It’s official: Loveland and Arapahoe Basin are open for the 2008-2009 ski season. Eighteen inches of man made snow may or may not, however, be considered good news.

Bacon Robots

Okay, I think it is time I give in and create a category on the blog called “Bacon.” Two new entries for the category: Bacon Robots. Think, people, before you start sizzling up the Bacon that falls from the sky. Bacon and Donuts: Taste We Can Believe In.