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SqUINT Reminder

The deadline for SqUinT abstracts for posters and talks is Nov 26th. See here.

Machine Gun?

How did I miss this, an obvious entry into the best title ever contest: arXiv:0810.2587 A photonic cluster state machine gun Authors: Netanel H. Lindner, Terry Rudolph Quick, duck for cover, Terry is shooting us with cluster states!

Dewy Eyed Pastoralism

Today is the 149th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. I’m probably just suffering from a bout of dewy eyed pastoralism, but when was the last time a book which was readable by the general public was also a major work of science? (Not Here That’s For Sure)

Rivalry Week

This is rivalry week

Funky Friday

Johnny Chung Lee has some cool videos up about wiimote tacking mods and…..more. Tell me which of these is stranger: or ?

A reminder from Ivan for those who want to attend SqUinT Dear SQuInTers, Please remember that abstract submission for contributed talks and posters are due in one week, Nov. 26. Registration payment deadline — Dec. 12. Hotel reservation deadline — Jan. 19.

Letter to an Older Scientist

If only I were Michael J. Fox, a letter I would send back in time.

Everything and Nothing

Over at Uncertain Principles, the uncertainty father has a couple of posts up about parallel universes the many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory. Which reminded me of a rant I’ve been needing to write (sorry a bit of technical jargon to follow.)


Observations on time.

QIP 2009 Registration Now Open

Registration for QIP 2009 is now open: QIP 2009 — 12th WORKSHOP ON QUANTUM INFORMATION PROCESSING – Santa Fe, New Mexico USA. January 12-16, 2009. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN at Deadline for special conference hotel rates: December 1st. Quantum Information Processing is the recasting of computer science in a quantum mechanical framework. QIP 2009…