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So I Decided To Simulate a Universe

xkcd is just fantastic, of course. “A Bunch of Rocks”:

iPhone 5 Pounds of Bacon

Engadget picks up on the bacon theme, a bacon iphone case: You can buy one for your favorite vegetarian for only 25 euro. In other bacon news, five pounds?!?!

Halifax Off A Bit

I’m in Halifax, Nova Scotia…eh. For some reason they have a parade at night in November with floats containing Santa and reindeer (obligatory crappy cell phone picture to follow): Yeah, what the hell? Interesting conference, I’m attending. I haven’t been at a conference in ages where disagreed with so many of the talks!

See Planets!

Direct imaging of extra solar planets. The cat dynamicist has the details. (because, linking, I’ve heard, is good.) Fomalhaut b, a nice name. When I was on the road to becoming an astrophysicist, as a young grad student, I remember thinking how cool it would be to join the planet hunters. I mean being able…

Other NSF News…Of Funny Kind

Melody points me to this gem of an advisory from the NSF: In the event of a natural or anthropogenic disaster that interferes with an organization’s ability to meet a proposal submission deadline, NSF has developed the following guidelines for use by impacted organizations.  These guidelines will take the place of the previous NSF practice…

So Much For Research Faculty

New NSF policies on faculty salaries: A major revision of NSF’s faculty salary reimbursement policy, to limit compensation for senior personnel to no more than two months of their regular salary in any one year from all NSF-funded grants This pretty much eliminates any NSF funded research professors, as far as I can tell. Well…

John Baez (via Zoran ?koda) points to the case of M.S. El Naschie. El Naschie is apparently the answer to the question “how do you publish over three hundred papers of craziness in an Elsevier journal?” Simple: just become the editor and chief of the journal! Tell me again the argument about scientific publishers rendering…

The 11th Annual SQuInT Conference (dude that makes me feel old) will be held in Seattle this year. Seattle is in the southwest because Southwest airline flies here (quick book the direct flights from Albuquerque!) In conjunction with this there will also be a satellite meeting, the Workshop on Integrated Atomic Systems II.

Physics Game Destroys Office Productivity

If you want to have a productive day I suggest avoiding Assembler. Via: “Phd”ed Man

Winners and Loser Among Hedge Funds

When sky’s fall, apparently they do not fall equally everywhere (contrary to popular theory.) A partial is of those who’ve held up the sky (and even pushed higher) in this New York Times article: Bernard V. Drury is a rarity on Wall Street: a hedge fund manager who is making money rather than losing it.…