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Zotero Sued

Zotero is a Firefox browser plugin for keeping track of citations and is very useful in an academic environment. I’ve played with it from time to time and with each progressive version it is getting better and better. Apparently now its even good enought that, Thomson Reuters, makers of Endnote software, a commercial competitor of…

Whiteboard Pong

Bacon Versus Fries

Science on blogs? We don’t need no science on blogs! We need more Bacon on blogs: Bacon Versus Fries. Not what you think. Bacon Maple Donut. Or how about Diet Coke with Bacon. If you’ve ever seen me you are all ready likely to have seen a Bacon with a Diet Coke.

The DiVincenzo Code

I wrote a paper with David DiVincenzo once. Now he is in the title of a YouTube video. Some things you can never predict. Part of me wants to say very loudly OMG. The other part of me watched the full six episodes. Parts 2-6 below the fold. Hat tip Aggie.

“Local” politics.

Today’s Keyboard Letter of the Day

Random Question of the Day

A common refrain among members of the left in the United States in the last two presidential elections has been that if the right wins then they would “move to Canada.” This was, of course, recently one-upped by Tina Fey who quipped that if McCain-Palin won this year, she would “leave the Earth.” Today I…