The Quantum Pontiff

Bouncing Back From Droping Off The Edge

Whew. That was quite a quarter! Talk about drinking straight from a firehose. Okay, okay, I still have a long list of missed deadlines that I need to get to ASAP, but at last it feels like maybe I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (don’t tell me its the next quarter, I want to be delusional for at least a few days.)

The winter break is always a great time, most importantly because “OMG snow!” (Seattle got another four plus inches of snow last night. Dude, that’s like a two feet equivalent in most of the rest of the northern U.S.!) and because of all the great Christmas cheer (like the war on Christmas taking place right here in Washington. In order to add to this war, my front yard currently includes a Santa Flamingo and his nine flamingo Reindeer:
) And most importantly because I like to spend my winter break thinking really crazy ideas. In other words, it’s more likely that there will actually be something worth reading on this blog in the coming weeks (promised to be crazy however, always ruin being crazy, so I won’t promise to be crazy, because, well, that would be crazy.)


  1. #1 mick
    December 22, 2008

    Nice flamingo…

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