The Quantum Pontiff

Happy New Year!

Like the title says: Happy New Year!

Looking back at the list of top scited papers on, shows some good fun indeed:

23 SciTes – 0811.3171
Title: Quantum algorithm for solving linear systems of equations
Authors: Aram W. Harrow, Avinatan Hassidim, Seth Lloyd

23 SciTes – 0809.3972
Title: A Counterexample to Additivity of Minimum Output Entropy
Authors: M. B. Hastings

19 SciTes – 0807.4935
Title: Quantum Communication With Zero-Capacity Channels
Authors: Graeme Smith, Jon Yard

18 SciTes – 0804.4050
Title: Matchgates and classical simulation of quantum circuits
Authors: Richard Jozsa, Akimasa Miyake

17 SciTes – 0806.1972
Title: Universal computation by quantum walk
Authors: Andrew M. Childs

17 SciTes – 0805.0007
Title: Superpolynomial speedups based on almost any quantum circuit
Authors: Sean Hallgren, Aram W. Harrow

16 SciTes – 0808.2474
Title: Making Almost Commuting Matrices Commute
Authors: M. B. Hastings

16 SciTes – 0804.3401
Title: Quantum Computational Complexity
Authors: John Watrous

16 SciTes – 0804.1109
Title: Classical and Quantum Algorithms for Exponential Congruences
Authors: Wim van Dam, Igor E. Shparlinski