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ACM Classic Books

Via Michael Nielsen’s friendfeed, I am led to ACM Classic Books Series. If you’ve got ACM subscription access, some of the book are even in electronic form. Cool. I love the introduction to “The Computer and the Brain” by John von Neumann: Since I am neither a neurologist nor a psychiatrist, but a mathematician, the…

A Hunting We Will Go

Buried under way too much work right now. So for your viewing pleasure (ha) an epic story of Christmas tree hunting in the great pacific northwest.

Nature on El Naschie

Nature article on El Naschie. (See also The Case of M.S. El Naschie, Continued.)

CIFAR quantum postdoc

Postdoc with some awesome Canadian quantum researchers: Quantum Information Processing Program JUNIOR (POSTDOCTORAL) FELLOWSHIPS The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) is a private not-for-profit research institute. It is a catalyst for discovery, incubating ideas that revolutionize the international research community. CIFAR identifies emerging fundamental research questions concerning society, technology and the very nature of…

Hawking Gets New Chair

The blackberry hole (aka the Perimeter Institute) has swallowed another person. Most fittingly, however, this time the observer will exist both inside and outside of the Perimeter Institute, thus giving us an answer to the black hole information paradox: WATERLOO, Ontario, Canada, November, 2008 – Dr. Neil Turok, Director of Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical…