The Quantum Pontiff

QIP 2009 Extras

Stuff learned while at QIP.

  • A solution to the more cranky P versus NP problem: simply send those who claim P=NP the papers claiming P does not equal NP, and vice versa
  • I did not know that the cell phone ring tone which is hard for older people to hear was first used by restraunts to keep away kids. That’s pretty evil.
  • When the question says he used to work in the earth sciences as a preface at a quantum computing conference, you should update your prior about the person being homeless
  • I now understand arXiv:0810.3695 better and particularly am interested in the trick of using an automorphism to change irreps


  1. #1 Joe Fitzsimons
    January 15, 2009

    One of our physics teachers in school used to use a frequency generator hooked up to a speaker as a way to punish the class. He started it out to high to hear, and then slowly reduced the frequency until he could see us all cringing, while his age made him immune to it.

  2. #2 Joe Renes
    January 16, 2009

    All this QIP talk spurred me to finish up the “review of additivity” posts I had in the drafts folder of my blog (

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