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QIP 2009 Day 4 Liveblogging

Sorry to those who talked in the afternoon yesterday: I ran off to listen to Michael Nielsen talk at the Santa Fe Institute.

QIP 2009 Day 3 Liveblogging

A full day today, after a nice break yesterday (went for a run: yeah for altitude making me winded nearly instantly!)

QIP 2009 Day 2 Liveblogging

A half day at QIP.

QIP 2009 Day 1 Liveblogging continued

Having some glitches publishing, so am trying to split up the posts.

QIP 2009 Day 1 Liveblogging

QIP 2009 started today in Santa Fe, NM. Since the conference organizers have seen it wise to include wireless access, what better excuse for a bit of liveblogging.

Scienceblogs Upgrade

Scienceblogs is upgrading. This site won’t allow comments from 10pm Pacific Standard Time on Friday, January 9 until…well until the upgrade is complete (possibly Saturday sometime.) So instead of being frustrated at not being able to comment why don’t you instead go waste your time by: By reading some provocative statements about teaching over at…

Feynman on the Measurement Problem

I’d never seen this quote from Richard Feynman on the measurement problem: When you start out to measure the property of one (or more) atom, say, you get for example, a spot on a photographic plate which you then interpret. But such a spot is really only more atoms & so in looking at the…

Relatively Right in Front of Your Nose

Special relativity holds a special (*ahem*) place in most physicist’s physicists’ hearts. I myself fondly remember learning special relativity from the first edition of Taylor and Wheeler’s Spacetime Physics obtained from my local county library (this edition seemed a lot less annoying than the later edition I used at Caltech.) One of the fun things…

QIP Santa Fe

For those of us quantum computing folk heading to QIP 2009 in Santa Fe, NM, a few recommendations from someone who once called Santa Fe home.

Dad – 5 Years On

It is nearly impossible for me to believe that five years have passed since you passed away. And hey, we’re still waiting for Mt. Shasta to explode, could you get working on that? One day, when I was an undergraduate at Caltech, I received a package in the mail from my father. In it was…