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Words That Make Me Cringe

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What Am I? I Choose Neither

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought to a question that I’m nearly constantly asked: “So…[long pause]…are you a physicist…[long pause]…or are you a computer scientist?” Like many theorists in quantum computing, a field perched between the two proud disciplines of physics and computer science (and spilling its largess across an even broader swath…

Another Physicist To Washington

A press release from Caltech about Steve Koonin, who was the boss of my bosses during a SURF project and was a student of my undergraduate advisor at Caltech (and also responsible for severe drops in GPAs for many of the physicist students I knew at Caltech :)): Steven Koonin, visiting associate in physics and…

Musings From the Edge

Spicy Pi Bacon Squared Wins!

Woot! Mrs. Pontiff’s entry into the Scienceblogs pie competition is the winner! Mrs. Pontiff is on a role. This year we decided not to buy each other gifts for Valentines day. So instead of buying a gift, Mrs. Pontiff entered a photo contest from a flower company and won me some beautiful flowers. We need…

Kamil sends along a pointer to “Qubit,” according to the website is a new quiz show on the Discovery channel: Qubit is a quiz show for the 21st century – fast-paced, cut-throat and fun! Driven by stunning HD visuals, Qubit showcases science, technology and natural history. Not your ordinary quiz show, Qubit challenges convention…

APS March Meeting Ramblings

Things I learned at the APS March meeting. Updated as I learn them. That’s right: real time updates of connectivity of my neurons translated into html translated into text and pictures on your browser.

Off to the March Meeting I Go

Tonight I hop on a red-eye to Pittsburgh to attend the APS March meeting. 7000 physicists in Pittsburgh, now that’s a scary thought for poor Pittsburgh (punishment for winning the superbowl, I guess.) A list of highlighted papers includes some fun ones: 11:15AM, Tuesday Session B15: “Walking on water: why your feet get wet” Michael…

CRA Taulbee Survey

The New York Times has an article about the CRA Taulbee Survey, which is a survey of computer science enrollments in the United States. (The survey isn’t up on the CRA’s website, but when it does I’m guessing it will be here.) For the first time in six years, enrollment in computer science programs in…

Quantum Bacon Pontiff

Every wonder what “The Quantum Pontiff” looks like with a side of Bacon? Me neither. But now you can thanks to The Quantum Pontiff with a side of Bacon. Simultaneous (at least in my reference frame) hat tip to Matt and Jacob.