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This weekend I got a chance to play around with ScribTex which is a tool for collaborating on LaTeX. In my short test drive, I will say it’s one of the better solutions to this problem that I’ve seen. (Of course the one thing that is a pain with all of these systems is the…

Vote Early, Vote Often

Vote for Mrs. Pontiff’s entry into the Scienceblogs pie contest here “Bacon made me do it.”

Spicy Pi Bacon Squared

3.141592…om nom nom nom! Behold! Mrs. Pontiff’s entry into the Scienceblogs pi day pie contest, variously known as “Spicy Brittle Bacon Chocolate Pie”, “Spicy Pi Bacon Squared”, or “Bacon brittle…om nom nom nom nom!” (On the March 14, a poll will open on scienceblogs for the pi contest. Then all two of the readers of…

TQC 2009 Registration Open

Dear Colleagues, Online registration is now open for the 4th Workshop on Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and Cryptography (Waterloo, May 11-13, 2009) at the following website: The deadline for early registration with a reduced registration fee is March 29, 2009, which coincides with the deadline for booking accommodation with guaranteed rate. Online registration…

Via Swans on Tea: Academic Earth: a collection of top lectures on a variety of academic topics. Nothing on quantum computing yet 🙂

Augmented Reality Baseball Cards

Watch NSF Spend?

The NSF has put up a “recovery” page for the stimulus bill: Interestingly it appears that there is an link to an rss feed for “weekly reports.” These appear to be excel files of the spending done by the NSF under the stimulus act as of that week (so far nada has been spent.)…

Let the Bacon Light Shine

People pass on to me a lot of cool Bacon stuff, but Chris topped many of them by sending me the Bacon Lamp Shade.

NEC Quantum Internships

Martin writes to tell me that there are student internships in quantum information technology available at NEC this summer (see here and here): The Quantum IT group at NEC Laboratories America, Princeton, NJ has summer internship positions available for graduate students interested in quantum computing. Areas of interest include: Quantum algorithms Quantum communication Quantum complexity…

Nine Days, Four Qubits

Stephen sent me a fun google query, discovered by one of his students: Those are some pretty impressive four entangled qubits: sticking around for nine days without decohering :)!