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Starting iPhone Programming Tips

A few small tips for what to do when starting up programming for the iPhone.

Poll: Why Are You In It?

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Spottings of arXiview in the Wild

ArXiview, my iPhone app for surfing the arXiv, spotted in the wild: One of my graduate students is using the app which feels….odd. James Dacey says incredibly nice things over at Physics World. MyOpenArchive tweets just download #arXiview to my iphone. I ♡ #arXive, I ♡ #arXiview. 🙂 Three diggs, heh, not much.

Okay, well he didn’t exactly say that, but he certainly is a smug son of a gun who asked a grade school question to a Nobel prize winner in physics, apparently expecting a “gotcha” moment (via TPM): Dudes even so proud of himself that he (or his staff) posted this video on his YouTube page.…

Wednesday, April 29, 6:30 p.m I’ll be participating in a panel discussion of science blogging sponsored by the Northwest Science Writers Association: Join local science bloggers, including Alan Boyle from’s Cosmic Log, David Bacon the Quantum Pontiff, Sandra Porter of Biology in a Digital World, Julianne Dalcanton of Cosmic Variance, Eric Steig of Real…

In Vienna, Virginia on April 23-25th a workshop is being held in response to a report, “A Federal Vision for Quantum Information Science” issued by the United States National Science and Technology Council. While this workshop looks, from the outside, like any other typical quantum computing workshop, this is a bit deceiving, as from what…

Hawking Hospitalized

Story here. Update: Comfortable at hospital, hope for full recovery.

Medicare Spatial Variation

Over at Healthy Algorithms, the healthy theoretical computer scientist, puts up a very interesting graph about spatial variation in Medicare expenditures in the last six months of life. Paper here. Interesting stuff, but am I the only one who gaffs when reading: “Previous studies have shown that regions with greater overall EOL spending do not…

Catch Up

Catching up with places I’ve been.

Friday Random

Random cell phone photos.