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Best Paper Awards

A note from Ivan Deutsch, Secretary-Treasurer of the APS GQI topical group about the winners of the best student paper awards: We are pleased to announce the Best Student Paper awards for the 2009 APS March Meeting. For the best experimental paper, the winner is Eric Lucero, UCSB for his paper J17.1, “High fidelity gates…

Which Physicist Are You?

..asks a facebook application. Apparently I am the kind of physicist who likes proper spelling and proper capitalization, and who thus, will not take a quiz with bad spelling. Which physicist is that? Gell-Mann?

Reducing Computer Power Consumption

Wow, this is a very cool result: Researchers at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorkstown, NY have announced a breakthrough which they feel could revolutionize power consumption in computers. Today’s computers are power hungry: a typical computer consumes hundreds of watts of power. Not only does this power consumption add up to a…