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Paper Dance: Music Video Edition

Okay, well not quite a music video(!), but my coauthor Steve Flammia has done a videoabstract for our paper (on quantiki at


  1. #1 David
    May 19, 2009

    You can dance if you want to.
    You can leave your world behind.

  2. #2 Ian Durham
    May 19, 2009

    Is Steve attempting to grow a handle-bar mustache?

  3. #3 Joe Fitzsimons
    May 19, 2009

    That is a truely epic mustache. Nice paper too.

  4. #4 Alan Aspuru-Guzik
    May 21, 2009

    Hi David,

    First, the comment on Steve’s mustache: I think he is starting to look like a young version of David Wineland 🙂

    Second, Cesar recently uploaded our own video arxiv summary (inspired by this one!) using high-tech equipment. This abstracts idea is quite fun.

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