The Quantum Pontiff

The Weird Pope

Via his squidiness, a test on which pope you are. Me?

Seek help now!

You are a giddy combo of the weirder Popes, Stephen VI, Benedict XVI and St Peter

But we knew that already, no?


  1. #1 Mike
    May 27, 2009

    I like that test:

    “Well done!
    You are a mish-mash of Pope Sisinnius, Stephen the Pope Elect and Pope Urban VII, who didn’t reign long enough to make any sort of Papal mess. And/or you represent the period of sede vacante when there is no Pope at all – probably the best scenario.”

  2. #2 Eric Lund
    May 28, 2009

    “Pull your socks up!
    You are an amalgamation of those pesky anti-Popes Clement VII and Benedict XIII”

    Which is fine with me, because it is quite the racket.

    I liked that for two of the questions all of the choices offered were “I call Papal infallibility!”

    I did notice that some of the answers were geared toward getting St. Peter as a result.

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