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Here is an article at about a result in quantum computing (see here for my own article on this result.) And here is an article on the website fudzilla describing this physorg result. How in the world do you get from the physorg article to fudzillas: “Top boffins who have been looking under the…

And Now a Commercial Break

This Intel ad cracks me up: Reminds me of the classic Onion: Stephen Jay Gould Speaks Out Against Science Paparazzi.

QIP 2010 – Save the Date

Via the man of many B’s, dates for QIP 2010 have been set. QIP 2010 will be in Zurich from January 18 to January 22. Website here. Hmm, Switzerland in January for skiing?

He of uncertain principles asks Which do you prefer: transverse waves, or longitudinal waves? The fact builder chimes in with a clarification of a common misconception. Myself, certainly I’m going to go for transverse waves. Not only are all the cool waves transverse (well sort of), electromagnetic waves, gravitational waves, stadium waves, etc, but you…

I Want to Quantum Jump to a Tiger

From Pravda, some pretty serious funny: Quantum transition to transform mankind in 2012.

Best Bacon Desert?

Jorge sends me a link to The Best (Bacon) Dessert Ever?: a bacon-topped blue cheese panna cotta. Uh oh, Mrs. Pontiff has competition! Luckily this creation is just down the hill from our home at the Palace Kitchen, so we’ll be able to compare and really find out if it is the best bacon desert…

Paper Dance: Music Video Edition

Okay, well not quite a music video(!), but my coauthor Steve Flammia has done a videoabstract for our paper (on quantiki at

A Trip Down Nostalgia Lane

A song we (Steve, Elwyn, and ??) wrote while at Caltech. I write it down here because last night I struggled with reconstructing all the verses.

Via the CCC Blog, an announcement concerning an NSF funded opportunity for new PhDs in Computer Science, CIFellows ( The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) and the Computing Research Association (CRA), with funding from the National Science Foundation, are pleased to announce an opportunity for new PhD graduates in computer science and closely related fields to…