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LTCM Video

Via MarketSci blog, Eric Rosenfeld talks about the collapse of LTCM at MIT. Funny I can’t find in any MIT literature an advertisement for the fact that 2/3s of LTCM had MIT roots? (Caltech, snarky snark snark)

Many-Worlds Critique

For the bus ride home, I’m going to check out “One world versus many: the inadequacy of Everettian accounts of evolution, probability, and scientific confirmation” by Adrian Kent (arXiv/0905.0624) Nothing like ending the day with some against many-worlds reading. That and a fun TED talk should make the ride go by fast

Kindle DX Drooool

I’ve not had a chance to play with a Kindle, but seen a lot of them in the coffee shops of Seattle (Amazon will soon be moving to a neighborhood very close to mine, in South Lake Union.) My first impression was: cool, but a bit small. Now here comes the Kindle DX with a…

An Identification Problem

Some quotes, with some substitutions, denoted by [], for the actual words: “The famous physicist Max Planck was talking about the resistance of the human mind, even the bright human mind, to new ideas…. And he said science advances one funeral at a time, and I think there’s a lot of truth to that and…

Personally I’m very skeptical of technical analysis, but that’s just because I am skeptical of easy answers. But try to parse this article over at bloomberg titled “Stock Charts Fail Forecast Test in Complete S&P Miss.”

Laser Cutter Mario

Is the Super Mario Bros. theme song the most covered song ever? Via lazzor music! from hypatia on Vimeo.

Quantum Spottings

Quantum ghosts, dynamical decoupling, why a diamond is forever in quantum computing, transversal press, quantum phrases I can’t grok, and quantum jumping.

In his latest New York Times op-ed column, David Brooks, the conservative liberals can most stomach, attempts to tackle the problem of “what makes a genius”. This is, of course, the kind of reasonable length topic that one can explain in a single newspaper column (it’s the New York Times, you now.) The article begins,…