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Bing Zings Pontiff

So bing, Microsoft’s latest search engine, is up and running the tech word is a twitter. I checked it out and…well. On google when you search for “pontiff” my blog comes up as hit number five, after a few silly things like wikipedia entries and dictionary definitions (but no actual links to the *ahem* real pontiff. Sadly the days when I was number one on google are gone. But I will someday tell my grandkids…) But on bing, what happens? I’m down at number nine. Nine, Microsoft, really? I live in Seattle you know: shouldn’t this give me extra rank in your algorithms? And among the related searches, none of these are for “quantum pontiff.”

(I’d like to conclude that this is a good thing for how the search engine works except for the fact that bing gives the number three spot to a real estate agent. And we all know that real estate agents are actually all devils responsible for the collapse of the financial system and probably also for things like Mondays and gum stuck on the bottom of your shoes.)


  1. I have tried it a few times and its ok, to be honest it seems that all search engines are about the same, each one has its own things I like but for the most part I use google and yahoo. I will though try this one out for a while before I say one way or another as to if I like it or not.

  2. #2 MikeB
    June 2, 2009

    Bing. Eh.

    I gave it a full effort, trying to like it. Trying to think it might offer something good. Aside from a fancy homepage, it’s pretty much just…google. But not as nice or familiar. It does unit conversions, exchange rates, all the same stuff.

    So, given that the sites seem very similar and Google has a good reputation (generally) and Microsoft – not so much – why do they expect anyone would use Bing?

  3. #3 blogger10
    June 2, 2009

    I would have to say that the remark about how horrible realtors are is a little harsh. I am not a Realtor myself, but I work for a company that deals a lot with Realtors. I believe that the truth of the matter is that most Realtors only do “devilish” things because of the real estate model made by their brokerages and real estate boards. If the companies they worked for were more modern and helpful in their business practices it would go a long way, and we would have much more caring Realtors. A Real Estate company I believe is doing it right is RealEstate Locate. They provide a powerful Google style real estate search tool for free to their customers, allowing their customers to gain a personal understanding of the market. By doing thing like this, real estate companies could really change the way we view purchasing real estate.

  4. #4 Dave Bacon
    June 2, 2009

    Um, blogger10, it was a joke. Hence the gum stuck on bottom of the shoe. Sorry for the confusion.

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