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Make Em Laugh, Make Em Cry

Scenes from today’s CSE 322 (introduction to formal methods in computer science) final:


A former student sent me what appears to be my doppelganger: Danbert Nobacon. Life with no bacon, well that’s just crazy. In other Bacon related news: Jorge sends me Bacon Vodka…from Seattle. This will surely save me time because frying up bacon to mix in my wodka for my bacon vodka martini was always a…

Campus Ad

In the University of Washington’s “The Daily” in the lost and found section: FOUND – PANDA head, appears to be a part of a missing suit. Recovered near 45th and Memorial. presumably stolen by ill-advised sorority girls during their week-long, drunken stupor

My Most Used iPhone Apps

The iPhone is a great gadget (as a phone, it’s okay. Personally I wish it could be made a bit louder as my ears, they ain’t so good at that hearing thing.) Here are the apps I’ve found that I use the most. (Excluding google maps, the built in email and browser, and the phone…

Film Reviews in Nature Physics?

What in the world is a review for Star Trek doing in

Bing Zings Pontiff

So bing, Microsoft’s latest search engine, is up and running the tech word is a twitter. I checked it out and…well. On google when you search for “pontiff” my blog comes up as hit number five, after a few silly things like wikipedia entries and dictionary definitions (but no actual links to the *ahem* real…