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Caesar Salad

You’ve got to love a country where a Caesar salad includes a big helping of Bacon: All hail Caesar Bacon!

I’m off to Zurich tomorrow for 8th Symposium on Topological Quantum Computing which I’m greatly looking forward to (this will be my first trip to Switzerland.) What I’m not looking forward to is the 15.5 hours it will take me to get from the Seattle airport to the Zurich airport! So, any recommendations for papers…

An interesting paper on the arXiv’s today, arXiv:0908.2782, “Adiabatic quantum optimization fails for random instances of NP-complete problems” by Boris Altshuler, Hari Krovi, and Jeremie Roland. Trouble for D-wave?

I Am Poor the iPhone App

I Am Poor, the $0.99 iPhone app: The mac & cheese, Ramen noodles, and tuna is my artistic rendition of what poor college students eat with their limited funds. The icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch always reminds you (and others when you show it to them) that you were able to afford this.…

Microsoft Station Q Postdocs

Want a job hacking away at topological quantum computing (and more) by day and surfing (by morning?) on the beautiful Southern California coast near Santa Barbara? Okay, well maybe surfing isn’t part of the job description, but Microsoft’s Station Q at UCSB has postdocs available with a deadline of October 16, 2009: Station Q will…

Small Town Benefits

Living in a small rural town is hard. Jobs are often difficult to come by (in the Northwest this is particularly true of towns that have suffered the slow fall of the timber industry.) The county where I grew up, Siskiyou county, currently has an unemployment rate north of 18 percent. And yet, there are…

The French Running Diet

Buzzing on Scienceblogs right now is PalMDs ongoing attempt to get his BMI in shape. In honor, I shall post my latest attempt at getting in shape: Kids and adults: don’t try this at home! How did I do it? Eat like a monk and run a lot.

Helmet Heads Hijacked?

How did I miss this one from 2005? And how come no one told me to take off my tinfoil hat? Via @kmerritt, “On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study” by Ali Rahimi, Ben Recht, Jason Taylor, and Noah Vawter. Among a fringe community of paranoids, aluminum helmets serve as the protective…

March Meeting GQI Invited Speakers

March is ages away, but it is time to start planning for the APS March meeting, to be held in the beautiful rose city, Portland, Oregon (Note to skiers that Mt. Hood is just a short distance away 🙂 ) Anyway an important part of the March meeting are invites sessions and the quantum computing/information/foundations…

Want to Decrease Your Productivity?

Civilization for the iPhone. EOM.