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Tactical Bacon

“C” sends me a link of fantastic mmmm-ness. CMMG Tactical Bacon, TB-1, 9oz, 10+ Year Shelf Life:

The ultimate tactical accessory, the new Tactical Bacon from CMMG ® is simply amazing. Kept in an aluminum can for a shelf life of 10+ years, the CMMG ® Tactical Bacon is more affordable than other pre-cooked bacon producers, who offer no tactical packaging for their product. Including 9 ounces of pre-cooked bacon goodness, comparable to 3 pounds of raw bacon, the CMMG ® Tactical Bacon is perfect for camping trips, survival situations, a snack at the range, zombie attacks, and many other apocalyptic scenarios. Able to be eaten cold, or heated up, CMMG ® Tactical Bacon is sure to please bacon lovers of all ages.

Note the combined bonus price: if you buy the Tactical Bacon with a “Glock Factory Part, Disassembly Tool” you’ll save some dinero!


  1. #1 Jonathan Vos Post
    August 3, 2009

    I’m interested in Strategic Bacon. How does it find its Nash Equilibrium in classical warfare? In post-modern asymmetric warfare, where the superpower has quantum computers and may entangle tactical units, which Nash equilibria vanish and which new ones appear, due to the Quantum Groups involved, and what is the cut-off parameter for this transition? And does the can come in Desert Camouflage?

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