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Microsoft Station Q Postdocs

Want a job hacking away at topological quantum computing (and more) by day and surfing (by morning?) on the beautiful Southern California coast near Santa Barbara? Okay, well maybe surfing isn’t part of the job description, but Microsoft’s Station Q at UCSB has postdocs available with a deadline of October 16, 2009:

Station Q will be recruiting postdoctoral researchers. We are primarily interested in applicants with a strong background in quantum Hall physics, topological insulators, quantum information in condensed matter, and/or numerical methods, but will consider excellent candidates with different backgrounds.

Details of the application process can be found at


  1. #1 Kea
    August 20, 2009

    Ah, the three letters of reference. Well, no beach for me then.

  2. #2 Anon
    August 23, 2009

    Academia is very biased against those who don’t currently have an academic position with their 3 references requirement, and their drawn out hiring process. I have a PhD, but if I was to try get an academic position, I’d be at a great disadvantage over those who are still working on a PhD.

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