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New D-Wave CEO?

Hm, looks like D-wave has a new CEO. Not sure when this occurred (?), but a reader sends along an email with an announcement from a recruiting (?) firm:

Lonergan Partners is pleased to announce that Vern Brownell has been named President and Chief Executive Officer of D-Wave Systems….

Vern Brownell joins D-Wave from Egenera, were he held various executive roles including CEO. Egenera was founded by Mr. Brownell in 2000 based on his experiences as the Chief Technology Officer at Goldman Sachs, where he and his staff of 1,300 were responsible for worldwide technology infrastructure including computing platforms, datacenters, data networking, telecommunications, and trading-floor operations. Prior to his tenure at Goldman, Brownell served in various management and engineering roles at Stratus Computer, Ztel, and Digital Equipment. He holds an MBA degree from Anna Maria College and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Now I have a new goal in life. Make sure I maintain more followers on twitter than the D-wave CEO, @vbrownell! (And hope he didn’t see my tweets today about quantum computing!) But CTO of Goldman Sachs…that’s the big times 🙂


  1. #1 Joel Sapp
    September 24, 2009

    This is interesting. I have heard very little from D-wave in a while and wondering what is happening with them. I visited their website recently and it looked like it hadn’t changed in years. Hopefully they are getting closer to proving their tech.

  2. #2 Geordie
    September 24, 2009

    Hi Joel

    There have been some changes to the website (as recently as yesterday). Go to the publications & preprints page under the “resources” tab off the homepage to see publications about what we have been doing. It should be up to date with all publications/preprints so far. If you’re interested I would start with the “Experimental demonstration of a robust and scalable flux qubit” and then dig into citations for other aspects of the system. I think the main innovation that drives everything is in “A scalable control system for a superconducting adiabatic quantum optimization algorithm”.

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