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Some notes for quantum computing people:

  • IARPA will be hosting a Proposers’ Day Conference for the Quantum Computer Science (QCS) Program on December 17, 2009 in anticipation of the release of a new solicitation in support of the program. Details here
  • Submissions for TQC 2010 in Leeds are now open at
  • Digging through my inbox I noticed that I forgot to advertise the following quantum postdoc:

    The physics of quantum information group at the department of physics of the Universite de Sherbrooke invites applications for up to three postdoctoral positions. The group is composed of three faculty members, Alexandre Blais, Michel Pioro-Ladrière and David Poulin, whose research interests cover both theoretical and experimental aspects of quantum information science. The successful applicants will be involved in the group’s activities, which includes:

    – Experimental realization of spin qubits in various materials (GaAs, SiGe, NV centers,…)
    – Theoretical aspects of superconducting qubits, circuit quantum electrodynamics, quantum limited amplifiers,…
    – Quantum information theory including quantum error correction, quantum algorithms design, and numerical methods for many-body problems (PEPS, MPS, DMRG).

    but will also be able to pursue their own research agendas. We offer an active and stimulating research environment, enhanced by strong local and international collaborations.

    Interested candidates should provide a CV including a list of publications, a brief statement of research interests and should arrange for at least two letters of recommendations to be sent to: qip[dot]postdocs[at]usherbrooke[dot]ca. Applications and letters should be received by December 11, 2009, although later applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.


  1. #1 Joel
    December 1, 2009

    Hi Dave, just stumbled on your extremely interesting blog. Could you recommend any books / sites to read up on quantum computing at an undergrad level? I’m in the middle of undergrad degrees in physics and maths and would love to get into this field.

  2. #2 Dave Bacon
    December 9, 2009

    Hi Joel,

    Well for a “textbook” the standard is Nielsen and Chuang “Quantum Computation and Quantum Information.” If you are a physics major this should be accessible, though its a bit on the advanced side for undergrads and there are topics that you don’t really need to get a general idea about the field.

    There are also a lot of good notes out there on the web. I grew up on John Preskill’s notes but now there are a lot of other such lecture notes (For instance if you are interested in quantum algorithms Andrew Childs has notes: If you’re interested in the actual physics of quantum computers then you might check out the (now old, but still good) papers in this special issue:

    Hope that helps.

  3. #3 Joel
    December 10, 2009

    Cool. Thanks for that

  4. #4 Jonathan Vos Post
    December 12, 2009

    Darn. I saw this blog thread headline as “Quantum Music.”

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