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The University of Waterloo is adding a quantum information graduate program, one step closer to being able to get a Ph.D. purely in quantum information. Application details here. Description of the program below the fold.

NEC Summer Quantum Interns

Martin passes along information that the quantum group at NEC labs has openings for summer interns: I wanted to let you know that the quantum group at NEC Labs America has openings for 2010 summer internships. If some of your students are interested, please refer them to A typical duration of a summer internship…

You Might Be a Theorist

If your work productivity is shaped by the type of pen you are currently using:

Some Wonderful Magical Animal

An entire world made of bacon and cold cuts (thanks Jorge) “Mmm … unexplained bacon”

@dabacon Shameless Self-Promotion

The Shorty Awards have a category called “bacon.” Your vote for @dabacon will, I promise, result in a great increase in your pork-based karma. And voting doesn’t even clog your arteries!

QIP Bloggers

People I’ve found who are blogging about QIP: Physics and Cake Quantum Moxie Physics is Informational Did I miss anyone? Update: Oh and look photos are already up photogallery for QIP

“Ideal conversation must be an exchange of thought, and not, as many of those who worry most about their shortcomings believe, an eloquent exhibition of wit or oratory” – Emily Post(er) As a literature major physicist, one of the biggest culture shocks I’ve encountered when attending theory computer science conferences (STOC and FOCS) is the…

QIP Talks That Have arXiv Papers

QIP 2010 talks and associated papers if I could find them (amazing how almost all papers for this conference are available, for free, online at one location….also interesting how papers seem to cluster in the 10-12 months of the listings 🙂 ) If anyone has corrections please leave a comment. Monday Daniel Gottesman and Sandy…

Bacon Brains

Jorge sends along an almost timely piece: The traditional English breakfast is not normally associated with good health. But scientists have found that eating a plate of bacon and eggs could help pregnant women boost the intelligence of their unborn child. Women are usually given a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy and it…

Bad New Scientist has an article up today entitled Brain ‘entanglement’ could explain memories, which certainly must have sent Roger Penrose’s brain into a state of multiple correlated back-flips (twistor flips?) However, from the article: Subatomic particles do it. Now the observation that groups of brain cells seem to have their own version of quantum…