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NEC Summer Quantum Interns

Martin passes along information that the quantum group at NEC labs has openings for summer interns:

I wanted to let you know that the quantum group at NEC Labs America has openings for 2010 summer internships. If some of your students are interested, please refer them to
A typical duration of a summer internship is three months (end of May-end of August in most cases, but this is quite flexible). The compensation will be competitive with other industrial internships. We will start looking at resumes around February 15.

If you are interested in quantum algorithms or quantum error correcting codes, this is an incredible opportunity.


  1. #1 Ian Durham
    January 28, 2010

    Does anyone know if the QIT group is in their Princeton or Cupertino location? I can foresee a student asking me this and I can’t find an answer on the NEC webpage.

    Also, your link to the internship page is broken (there’s an extra HTML line break inserted by accident).

  2. #2 Dave Bacon
    January 28, 2010


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