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Singularity University GSP

The Singularity University is crazy. I like crazy. If I were a grad student with copious time on my hands (trust me, in comparison, you have copious time, dear GradStudent) I’d apply to attend the Singularity University summer school: SU’s Graduate Studies Program (GSP) is a 10-week summer program (June 19 through August 28) located…

SquINT 2010

The twelfth annual SqUINt conference is being held this week and unfortunately I’m missing my favorite conference (though a gaggle of grad students have been sent Santa Fe bound.) The schedule looks really good this year including a great list of invited speakers (Scott Aaronson (MIT), Rainer Blatt (Innsbruck), Matt Hastings (Station Q), Dieter Meschede…

QIP Talks

It looks like the talks for QIP 2010 are now online.. Sweet, my television for the next few weeks. Well okay the Olympics may sneak in there (and jez NBC really stinks it up: I’ve never seen a network make men’s downhill so boring…if you’re going to short the west coast by not showing the…

Quantum Bacon

And here I thought I was the king (err Pontiff) of quantum Bacon, but no: follow @kenfagerdotcom on twitter who describes himself as “Inventor of Quantum Bacon and accomplished lover.”

Sonnet 59

In the New York Times today there is an interesting article about Helene Hegemann whose debut novel, “Axolotl Roadkill,” drew wide praise. You know this story: turns out that the book contains plagiarized passages (plagiarism: check, sales rising: check.) What I find fascinating about the story, however, is not this rehash of a tried and…

But I Thought…Click…Oh

Some confusing headlines: Quantum Theory’s Release Date Now ‘TBA’ Quantum Theory Faces Delay Due to Quality Reasons Quantum Theory Delayed

Handwriting to LaTeX?

Anyone tried out MoboMath? MoboMath lets you work with math on a computer exactly as you learned it — by writing it. MoboMath translates your handwritten math input into a formatted layout that can be used in Microsoft Word, Maple, and many other popular applications. Instead of struggling with keyboard and palette input, you can…

Bacon Misc

Jorge and Mark send along some Bacon news: NSFW: Effects of Bacon on Male Performance. Nuff said. Bacon and Egg Sandwiches are the best. Ruminations Bacon deserts. Mmm bacon toffee truffles.

Recent Progress in Quantum Algorithms

Shameless self-promotion: an article I wrote with Wim van Dam, “Recent Progress on Quantum Algorithms” has appeared in the Communications of the ACM. Indeed if you have a copy of the magazine you can check out an artists rendition of a quantum computer/quantum algorithm on the cover. Clearly quantum computing is the new string theory:…