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Customer X: Hi, D-wave? So, I hear that you have this computer that can be used to solve computationally hard problems. Oh, yes, sorry, should have said a quantum computer, my bad. Well, you know we’ve got this hard computational problem, [Editor: problem description deleted to protect identity of involved company.] So what do you…

Not True in Any Base

Yes, dear Gray Lady, you certainly sound more sophisticated when you use the word “prime number” in your newspaper. But perhaps you might want to look up the actual meaning of the word before placing those words prominently beside two times five times five.

arXiv vs snarXiv

OMG hilarious: arXiv vs. snarXiv.

Mary Beth Ruskai sends a note about a travel grant program for a quantum information theory conference in Sweden this fall: US NSF Travel Grant Program for Nordita/Mittag-Leffler Conference on Quantum Information Theory 4-8 Oct. 2010 This program will provide funds to support travel and lodging for US scientists to participate in the International Conference…

Milburn Interview

Another interview from the Science Watch special topic on quantum computing interview series: Gerard Milburn. Most interestingly is Milburn’s comments on linear optics quantum computing funding: SW: How has the field of quantum computing changed in the past decade? Where do you hope to see it go in the next? No matter what technology is…