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Bacon or Beer Can? Merry Chistmas Eve!

Deck the Halls with Bacon

Yep, Bacon Christmas tree ornaments at etsy. Better not show this one to the Mrs. Pontiff.

D. Bacon Beard

One must wait until the end of the video, and no, that is not me:

Mmmvelopes. Tasty Tasty Mmmvelopes.

Too often in life I am sending out a check to some charitable organization, or to resubscribe to Bacon magazine, and I think “damn this would be a lot better with Bacon.” And now via the honest one, I find out that there is a solution to this vexing problem: Bacon flavored envelopes! From the…

How do you feel about Bacon?

Spotted on the pick your own religion chart. Also: Bacon Jam!

Can There Be Too Much Bacon?

Jorge sends along the answer…Obese skunk put on vegetarian diet to battle bacon addiction. Mr. Bumble the skunk loves his bacon sandwiches, but his new owners have put him on a vegetarian diet to help shed the extra weight they’ve added to his frame.

Zurich Trip Report 8/27/09 – 9/1/09

Trip to Zurich for 8th Symposium on Topological Quantum Computing, Zurich 29th-31st August 2009.

Caesar Salad

You’ve got to love a country where a Caesar salad includes a big helping of Bacon: All hail Caesar Bacon!

Tactical Bacon

“C” sends me a link of fantastic mmmm-ness. CMMG Tactical Bacon, TB-1, 9oz, 10+ Year Shelf Life: The ultimate tactical accessory, the new Tactical Bacon from CMMG ® is simply amazing. Kept in an aluminum can for a shelf life of 10+ years, the CMMG ® Tactical Bacon is more affordable than other pre-cooked bacon…