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Spicy Pi Bacon Squared

3.141592…om nom nom nom! Behold! Mrs. Pontiff’s entry into the Scienceblogs pi day pie contest, variously known as “Spicy Brittle Bacon Chocolate Pie”, “Spicy Pi Bacon Squared”, or “Bacon brittle…om nom nom nom nom!” (On the March 14, a poll will open on scienceblogs for the pi contest. Then all two of the readers of…

Let the Bacon Light Shine

People pass on to me a lot of cool Bacon stuff, but Chris topped many of them by sending me the Bacon Lamp Shade.

iPhone 5 Pounds of Bacon

Engadget picks up on the bacon theme, a bacon iphone case: You can buy one for your favorite vegetarian for only 25 euro. In other bacon news, five pounds?!?!

Bacon Versus Fries

Science on blogs? We don’t need no science on blogs! We need more Bacon on blogs: Bacon Versus Fries. Not what you think. Bacon Maple Donut. Or how about Diet Coke with Bacon. If you’ve ever seen me you are all ready likely to have seen a Bacon with a Diet Coke.

Bacon Robots

Okay, I think it is time I give in and create a category on the blog called “Bacon.” Two new entries for the category: Bacon Robots. Think, people, before you start sizzling up the Bacon that falls from the sky. Bacon and Donuts: Taste We Can Believe In.