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Machine Learning Ruins Blackjack

Blackjack, or 21, is a game that many enjoy wasting their money playing at casinos. For those who don’t like to waste their money, or at least want to waste it more slowly than others, card counting is a time honored tradition for moving the odds away from the casino and in the players direction…

James Simons Retiring

James Simons, he of the Chern-Simons form, and also, of late, from the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies Corporation, is retiring. The infamous Medallion fund was up last year, apparently, only a mere 80 percent. Quite a feat, turning into

Talk on Economics, Beauty, and Math

Those of you interested in the recent debate over math, beauty, economics, and Paul Krugman, and who are in New York on Oct 5 might be interested in a talk by Eric Weinstein at Columbia: We will be taking a position opposite to the Claim of Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman: “As I see it, the…

Krugman: I’m For Math!

Krugman clarifies: I’ve been getting some comments from people who think my magazine piece was an attack on the use of mathematics in economics. It wasn’t…So by all means let’s have math in economics — but as our servant, not our master. Word. (Of course the point I was trying to make was that I…

Various and Sundry

Two notes from Caltech of interest: Michael L. Roukes’ group at Caltech has produced a NEMS (nanoelectromechanical system) device which can (almost) measure the mass of a single molecule (as opposed to the many tens of thousands (is this the correct amount?) needed in mass spectrometry.) Build a 2 micrometer by 100 nanometer NEMS resonator.…

Summer Time

Summer doesn’t officially start here in Seattle until the fourth of July, but the summer vibe is definitely here. Which means no teaching, so it’s all research all the time. But a man cannot live by his own research alone, which leads me to the vast brain dump that is the internet. Things found…

The Equilibrium Theory of Games

The other day I ran into a good friend from Tln, who told me the most fascinating story about his discovery of a new theory of games.

LTCM Video

Via MarketSci blog, Eric Rosenfeld talks about the collapse of LTCM at MIT. Funny I can’t find in any MIT literature an advertisement for the fact that 2/3s of LTCM had MIT roots? (Caltech, snarky snark snark)

Personally I’m very skeptical of technical analysis, but that’s just because I am skeptical of easy answers. But try to parse this article over at bloomberg titled “Stock Charts Fail Forecast Test in Complete S&P Miss.”

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