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Mattress Money

There are many things I do not understand in the wide world of finance, but the one which perplexes me the most is why people believe that their money is safe under their mattress.

Goldman Sachs Is Jealous

Nintendo Ad. Go ahead watch it on youtube.

The Suantum of Quolace

Proposed theme song for “The Quantum of Solace”:

An Ad About Nothing

I propose that a good investment would be to short Bill Gates’ evil rating:

Got NSF?

I really need to create a category for blog posts for things which Google’s products do which amuse me. Today in reading an email about the National Science Foundation: Many a faculty member’s got NSF, I guess, and are damn sick or writing grants to continue having NSF.

What a graduate student at UW discovered when searching for Kitaev’s paper on anyons:

Hot off the presses! In an amazing breakthrough, which this press release has no room to describe in any real detail, scientists at research university BigU have made tremendous progress in the field of quantum computing. The results mean that quantum computers are one step closer to replacing your laptop computer

Closed Timelike Mathematicians

John Baez points to a remarkable mathematician (having being lead there by Alissa Crans): You may have heard of the Mathematics Genealogy Project. This is a wonderful database that lets you look up the Ph.D. advisor and students of almost any mathematician. This is how I traced back my genealogy to Gauss back in week166.…

Physics Personified

Physical Theories as Men, a tit for tat response to Physical Theories as Women. Go ahead, you know you want to click on both of them.

New York Times Reports MySQL Error

Um, okay, so was this little piece of information really noteworthy enough to be included in a New York Times article on Psystar: Although Psystar’s Web site was available earlier today, by 1 p.m. EDT it was offline and returning the error message: “Database Error: Unable to connect to the database: Could not connect to…