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Occupational Arrows of Time

One of the subjects of great debate in physics goes under the moniker of “the arrow of time.” The basic debate here is (very) roughly to try to understand why time goes it’s merry way seemingly in one direction, especially given that the many of the laws of physics appear to behave the same going…

The Weight of Software

A story, from Jeff Silverman: Whenever you build an airplane, you have to make sure that each part weighs no more than allocated by the designers, and you have to control where the weight it located to keep the center of gravity with limits. So there is an organization called weights which tracks that. For…

DARPA’s Real Quantum Project?

From the Uncyclopedia entry on computers: How Computers Work Inside a computer case is a midget that intakes power and outputs graphics. On an average computer, this is an average male midget. High end computers contain baby giraffes or sometimes Links (which will periodically shut down, some blame this on power consumption, but this is…

Be sure to watch out for the Pacific Northwest tree octopus!


From a student today in office hours before today’s midterm: “How many times will the word automata appear in the test, including its use in acronyms like DFA, NFA, GNFA, and WTFA?”

Algorithmic Steampunk?

From the annals of “is that really the word you wanted?” from a New York Times article on steampunk: “There seems to be this sort of perfect storm of interest in steampunk right now,” Mr. von Slatt said. “If you go to Google Trends and track the number of times it is mentioned, the curve…

Google Search Terms

Via Digg, an article on hilarious Google searches. Hmm, reminds me of one I discovered a while back. (Below may or may not be NSFW, depending on your level of puritanism. And it can certainly lead to clicking which is definitely NSFW.)

Andrew Landahl (who really should have a blog because he is certainly one of the most interesting people I get to talk to when I attend a conference) sends me a note about recent appearances of quantum computing on prime time TV which he has graciously let me post below.

Slide Slide Slide Slide!

I sure wish I could get my dog to do this so that I wouldn’t have to exercise her:

The ads on scienceblogs today lead me to find out that, apparently, I can buy a quantum computer right here from Seattle based REI: And only $70 bucks! Jeez, those D-wave investors overpaid. I wonder how you use it to factor? But the number in the bag and wait?