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Round We Go

Lest you think I’m not working:

Painful Toy

It’s like Jackass for people who can wire stuff together (via @JoeAndrieu): Happy Friday!

Quantum Citation Survey

Thomson Reuter’s website Sciencewatch.com has a special section out on citation and paper data for the last ten years of quantum computing. More below the fold.

Today Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke at the University of Washington in the Microsoft Atrium of the Computer Science & Engineering department’s Paul Allen Center. As you can tell from that first sentence UW and Microsoft have long had very tight connections. Indeed, perhaps the smartest thing the UW has ever done was, when they…

Huge Rube Goldberg

I’m in D.C, attending the sorters meeting for the APS March meeting. Traveling in early December is always nice as the planes seem to be empty (*stretch*) and sheesh, it’s downright balmy here in D.C. Now I’ve absconded to a second rate hotel in the middle of what I can only guess is somewhere near…

Geek Synth

It’s like, nearly, a genre (via Martin Schwarz): I once saw a talk where Bill Nye said “systematic directed genocide.”

How do you feel about Bacon?

Spotted on the pick your own religion chart. Also: Bacon Jam!

Machine Learning Ruins Blackjack

Blackjack, or 21, is a game that many enjoy wasting their money playing at casinos. For those who don’t like to waste their money, or at least want to waste it more slowly than others, card counting is a time honored tradition for moving the odds away from the casino and in the players direction…