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Bing Zings Pontiff

So bing, Microsoft’s latest search engine, is up and running the tech word is a twitter. I checked it out and…well. On google when you search for “pontiff” my blog comes up as hit number five, after a few silly things like wikipedia entries and dictionary definitions (but no actual links to the *ahem* real…

Strip Malicious Mischief

Ah, the games people play: A 23-year-old Tacoma man and an 18-year-old Lakewood woman are suspected of throwing rocks from a railroad trestle onto at least 14 vehicles traveling southbound on Interstate 5 early Monday. … Investigators told KOMO-TV that the couple was playing a stripping game that involved each of them shedding a layer…

And Now a Commercial Break

This Intel ad cracks me up: Reminds me of the classic Onion: Stephen Jay Gould Speaks Out Against Science Paparazzi.

The Equilibrium Theory of Games

The other day I ran into a good friend from Tln, who told me the most fascinating story about his discovery of a new theory of games.

An Identification Problem

Some quotes, with some substitutions, denoted by [], for the actual words: “The famous physicist Max Planck was talking about the resistance of the human mind, even the bright human mind, to new ideas…. And he said science advances one funeral at a time, and I think there’s a lot of truth to that and…

Laser Cutter Mario

Is the Super Mario Bros. theme song the most covered song ever? Via hacklab.to: lazzor music! from hypatia on Vimeo.

Over 9 months ago I decided to apply for teaching tenure track jobs. Then the economy took what can best be described as a massive, ill-aimed, swan dive. Thus creating an incredible amount of stress in my life. So what does a CS/physics research professor do when he’s stress? The answer to that question is…

Sunday Questions

Can quantum computers efficiently compute factorials? BaconCamp? Day Took Er Silicon Valley Jrbs? I wonder how I’d do on a RQ test?

Musings From the Edge

Quantum Bacon Pontiff

Every wonder what “The Quantum Pontiff” looks like with a side of Bacon? Me neither. But now you can thanks to bacolicio.us: The Quantum Pontiff with a side of Bacon. Simultaneous (at least in my reference frame) hat tip to Matt and Jacob.