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QIP 2009 Day 5 Liveblogging

The last day of QIP in Santa Fe. Also note that Joe has posted some nice notes on additivity on his blog: part I and part II. Oh, and QIP next year will be in Zurich, and QIP the year after next will be in Singapore. computing, conference, quantum

QIP 2009 Day 4 Liveblogging

Sorry to those who talked in the afternoon yesterday: I ran off to listen to Michael Nielsen talk at the Santa Fe Institute.

QIP 2009 Day 3 Liveblogging

A full day today, after a nice break yesterday (went for a run: yeah for altitude making me winded nearly instantly!)

QIP 2009 Day 2 Liveblogging

A half day at QIP.

QIP 2009 Day 1 Liveblogging continued

Having some glitches publishing, so am trying to split up the posts.

QIP 2009 Day 1 Liveblogging

QIP 2009 started today in Santa Fe, NM. Since the conference organizers have seen it wise to include wireless access, what better excuse for a bit of liveblogging.

SqUINT Live Blogging – Saturday Talks

Yes we work on Saturdays. Okay work may be the wrong word. Updated as the day goes along and my brain doesn’t fill up (plus I’m chairing a session, so is it ethical to chair and blog at the same time?)

I’ve never live blogged before (well I’ve been alive while I’ve blogged, but that is different, I guess), but maybe it will make me pay more attention to the talks, so here goes nothing. Oh, and happy Hallmark(TM) Valentines day! I’ll be updating these posts as the conference goes along.