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Dead Spins And The Dirty Ground

Yep, it’s that time again. Paper dance time! arXiv:1006.4388 Making Classical Ground State Spin Computing Fault-Tolerant Isaac J. Crosson, Dave Bacon, Kenneth R. Brown We examine a model of classical deterministic computing in which the ground state of the classical system is a spatial history of the computation. This model is relevant to quantum dot…

We Belong Together, Adiabatically

A paper dance today! Yes, indeed, it’s another slow dance (scirate, arXiv:0912.2098): Adiabatic Cluster State Quantum Computing Authors: Dave Bacon, Steven T. Flammia Abstract: Models of quantum computation are important because they change the physical requirements for achieving universal quantum computation (QC). For example, one-way QC requires the preparation of an entangled “cluster” state followed…

Paper Dance: Music Video Edition

Okay, well not quite a music video(!), but my coauthor Steve Flammia has done a videoabstract for our paper (on quantiki at

Count the Headlights on the Highway

Yep, it’s paper dance time. This one is less of a dance and more of a shuffle: arXiv:0808.0174 (scirate) Title: Simon’s Algorithm, Clebsch-Gordan Sieves, and Hidden Symmetries of Multiple Squares Author: D. Bacon Abstract: The first quantum algorithm to offer an exponential speedup (in the query complexity setting) over classical algorithms was Simon’s algorithm for…