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The U.S. presidential candidates been invited to a debate on science. Will they come? I don’t know, but the thought of Mike Huckabee using biblical references in discussing science could lead to some very fun sentences. For example, if he wanted to get apocrypha-l, when talking about the bioethics of artificial wombs, he could bring…

Physics Justifying Gambling

Quantum theory justifying gambling? So reads this column by one Reverend Doctor Mervin Stoddart from Florida in the Jamaica Observer.

Delegate Strategy Questions

An interesting odd/even effect: Although no official count was available early Wednesday, state Democratic party officials predict that Clinton will get 20 to 30 more delegates when all results are in. Because of the relatively close finish, they are likely to split delegates in most of the congressional districts with an even number of delegates,…

8.7 Percent Less Likely

The CRA Policy Blog has the latest info on the impact of the underfunding of science in the budget. In particular NSF will likely fund 1,000 fewer research grants in FY 08 than planned and the average award size will be smaller. Sweet! Data to update my probability of employment. Oh wait. (Note for those…

Craig Barrett, the chairman of Intel has a scathing op-ed in the San Fransisco Chronicle on the recent spending omnibus and its effect on science funding (via Computing Research Policy Blog): What are they thinking? When will they wake up? It may already be too late; but I genuinely think the citizenry of this country…

Markets Predicting Elections

Can markets predict elections? Alea summarizes last night’s primary results: Ooops! From my perspective, I find the ideas of markets predicting future events fascinating, if for no other reason than my original motivation for studying physics was tied up deeply in questions about predicting the future.

Candidates’ Views on Geometry

For a New York Times article What is it About Mormonism?, the following lines which made me guffaw: The framers recognized, of course, that a candidate’s religion (or lack thereof) would enter political debate, and they were prohibiting only a formal test for taking office. But they were also giving their imprimatur to Jefferson’s appealing…

Politics Friday: What a Bore

What with the U.S. presidential election dominating the news, could you ask for anything more this Friday than more politics blogging? Pain below the fold.

More on the Science Funding Disaster

From a letter sent to APS members by Michael S. Lubell the Director of Public Affairs for the American Physical Society some due outrage: The Omnibus Bill is a disaster for the very sciences that our political leaders have repeatedly proclaimed essential for our national security, economic vitality and environmental stewardship. Several reports have suggested…

America COMPETEs Flip Floppers

Here’s a list of people who voted for the spending omnibus which totally shafted science and who also voted for the America COMPETEs act. Is your representative on there? Send a letter? Update: Science article on the budget and science.