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Quantized Poker?

I like poker and I like quantum computing and lo and behold here is a paper with both: arXiv: 0902.2196 Title: Quantized Poker Authors: Steven A. Bleiler Poker has become a popular pastime all over the world. At any given moment one can find tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of players playing poker via…

More on Fixed Points

In a prior post I asked about the how the structure of fixed points of stochastic maps changes under composition of such maps. Robin provided an interesting comment about the setup, linking this question at least partially with zero error codes: R has at least one fixed point. If it’s unique, there need be no…

Benasque 2009

I’ve never made it to Benasque, and am always profoundly jealous of those who have gone: Dear Colleague, We are pleased to inform you that following a very successful editions of Benasque 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, and 2007, we are organizing another workshop of the similar type in June 2009. This is to invite you…

Quantum Open Notebook

Sir Tobias Osborne of the Quantum Boolean Functions has made the plunge and is trying out open notebook science: Tobias J. Osborne’s Research Notes.

Perimeter Scholars Institute

The Perimeter Scholars Institute is a Masters level course designed to prepare students for cutting-edge research in theoretical physics. It looks pretty cool with some outstanding lecturers. The application deadline is February 1. All accepted students will be fully supported. Details below the fold.

Mortgage Backed Quantum Computers

From the annals of strangely mixed news stories. Canada: $25 billion government bailout and….$50 million for the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing: BRANTFORD, Ont. — The $25-billion government deal to buy mortgages from Canada’s banks isn’t a lifeline for lenders stuck with bum loans, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday… He said the…

Quantum Postdocs

Two quantum postdoc advertisements crossed my desk this week, from two fine institutions. Good postdocs if you can land one! The first advertisement is a double wammy from Caltech CENTER FOR THE PHYSICS OF INFORMATION CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Postdoctoral Research Positions The Center for the Physics of Information at the California Institute of Technology…

The New York Times has an article about Chongo Chuck. Chongo is a legendary homeless rock climber who lived in Yosemite for years. He is also the author of The Homeless Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Anyone ever seen a copy?

The Suantum of Quolace

Proposed theme song for “The Quantum of Solace”:

Michael Nielsen has a nice essay up explaining Why the world needs quantum mechanics: Conventional wisdom holds that quantum mechanics is hard to learn. This is more or less correct, although often overstated. However, the necessity of abandoning conventional ways of thinking about the world, and finding a radically new way – quantum mechanics –…