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Bad New Scientist has an article up today entitled Brain ‘entanglement’ could explain memories, which certainly must have sent Roger Penrose’s brain into a state of multiple correlated back-flips (twistor flips?) However, from the article: Subatomic particles do it. Now the observation that groups of brain cells seem to have their own version of quantum…

New York Times Film Review Fail

This morning Mrs. Pontiff read me a review out of the New York Times for the film “A Serious Man.” The opening paragraph of the review gives you an idea why she thought it might be relevant to me: Did you hear the one about the guy who lived in the land of Uz, who…

I Want to Quantum Jump to a Tiger

From Pravda, some pretty serious funny: Quantum transition to transform mankind in 2012.

Quantum Spottings

Quantum ghosts, dynamical decoupling, why a diamond is forever in quantum computing, transversal press, quantum phrases I can’t grok, and quantum jumping.

Through The Eye of the Beholder

Scott the optimizer asks a question on a wim: Come up with a catchy name for growth rates of the form 2^(n^&alpha) , 0

Everything and Nothing

Over at Uncertain Principles, the uncertainty father has a couple of posts up about parallel universes the many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory. Which reminded me of a rant I’ve been needing to write (sorry a bit of technical jargon to follow.)

Halifax Off A Bit

I’m in Halifax, Nova Scotia…eh. For some reason they have a parade at night in November with floats containing Santa and reindeer (obligatory crappy cell phone picture to follow): Yeah, what the hell? Interesting conference, I’m attending. I haven’t been at a conference in ages where disagreed with so many of the talks!

Quantum Rugby

A quantum physics spotting in….rugby? An article about rugby player Jonny Wilkinson: The experiment was conceived by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödin-ger to demonstrate a conundrum at the heart of quantum physics: that a sub-atomic particle exists in two states. However, the act of measuring it effectively forces it into one particular state, rather as…

Picking on the Quantum Physicists

From this Sunday’s New York Times in an article entitled Wall Street, R.I.P.: In search of ever-higher returns — and larger yachts, faster cars and pricier art collections for their top executives — Wall Street firms bulked up their trading desks and hired pointy-headed quantum physicists to develop foolproof programs. Quantum physicists? Come on media…

Summer school in November, Quantum crypto is to legit to quit, quantum Pagerank, and no prayer in quantum prayer.